Federica Grilli

I'm a social media manager from Naples, Italy. I'm in love with Instagram, HTML, CSS, design, books, pizza, sushi and a lot of things. I worked as graphic and web designer jr at Geko, a new media agency, and as social media manager at Yelp Napoli. I have also worked with restaurants like Borgo Vittoria Gastrobirreria, Eat & Biv, Il Posto Accanto and companies like Welcomates and Casa Arredo Trasi.

Now I'm the social media manager at The Sign and blogger for Fefa Homemade, my cooking blog. As a blogger I also collaborate with companies like Oreegano, Fidelity House and Daniel Wellington.


Email : federika.grilli[@]gmail.com

Website : federicagrilli.it | fefahomemade.it

Country : Naples, Italy

Social : facebook, behance